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How to Bonsai Your Own Japanese Style Trees

How One Can MAKE A BONSAI TREE Learn pruning, styling and wiring techniques that will turn out to be a normal tree into a fantastic dwelling art work and allow you to make a bonsai  tree from virtually any plant material!

In with reference to each yard or garden around the world, you will find plant material that is screaming out to be remodeled into an amazing work of Jap artwork

Bonsai Styling: Principles and Techniques with Hajime Watanabe

the japanese bonsai master, Hajime Watanabe, has been rising bonsais for the prior 45 years. Get a bit of grasp’s knowledge with this DVD.

DVD information: Language: English Run time: Seventy Two minutes Subtitles: English (through option on/off) Format: BUDDY, NTSC. All areas

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