Order the Cheap-Ass Curmudgeon Guide to DIRT – Guide to SLPP System of Adobe

“And the third little piggy built his home of bricks…" – Basic Folks Tale "…Notice it failed to take him three months. If it had, he would had been pork chops lengthy ahead of he finished!" -a budget-Ass Curmudgeon™

a budget-Ass Curmudgeon’s Information to DUST demonstrates the inventive and creative benefits of dwelling in a murals that you could create. It gives tried and proper strategies the use of the Curmudgeon’s new SLPP Gadget™ to create your dream residing spaces and inventive structures much faster than prior to when building with adobe (DIRT), papercrete, concrete, pumice-crete, paper-adobe, recycled or pure materials…and much more.

a budget-Ass Curmudgeon™ needs you to loosen up and have some fun. Think back to whilst you have been a child and built that tree home, “fixed up” that little clearing in the woods or decorated the space below your bunk mattress. Deliver a few of that spirit with you as you learn to create your hand-constructed haven and perhaps, simply perhaps, one thing magical will occur.

UNCOVER the SECRETS to building through hand, with adobe, papercrete, paper-adobe, and more in 1/2 THE TIME with HALF THE TROUBLE!

* Order with complete confidence. Our ebooks come with a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee. Both our books are living up to your expectations, or that you can request a refund and receive all of your money back – no questions requested!

*Order with full self assurance. Our ebooks come with a full 60-day, A Hundred% cash-back guarantee. Either our books are living as much as your expectations, or that you could request a refund and receive your whole money back—no questions asked!


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