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If I Only Had a Brain Injury eBook

"Just needed to permit you to know that I absolutely cherished your Guide! Particularly the references and parallels to The Wizard of Oz. Your writing style is apparent, genuine, down to earth and makes the whole lot really easy to take into account and to connect to. Your Guide is a look into your existence’s journey as it’s informative and educational now not just for TBI patients however even more for their families, chums, coworkers and health care practitioners. I Also beloved all the data you shared with readers no longer Handiest on TBI but in addition FMS, CFS and Lyme disease. These are all principally ‘mysterious,’ misunderstood and regularly misdiagnosed illnesses and also you bring them all to lifeto provide them a voice that every reader can remember and/or relate to. You open many eyes with this Ebook, in an especially tutorial and informative, Also touching method. Also, you’re a survivor, a warrior. Congratulations!" –Alina Oswald

$17 USD for immediate PDF obtain of the guide. Once your credit card is approved, you will be taken to a special obtain web page the place you’ll obtain the book.

Every 21 seconds, someone in the united states sustains a demanding Mind Damage (TBI.)  Thats 5.3 million Americans, plus 1.5-2 million per yr.  TBI hardly modifications someones outward appearance, making it troublesome for household, pals and employers to acknowledge the injurys severity.  On the world TBI-Survivor electronic mail crew, postings incessantly talk about the invisible disability, lack of on hand care and beef up, and great admiration for any person who does meaningful work after TBI.  Data weep for something inspirational and simple to read.

According to a November 2007 record with the aid of UNITED STATES OF AMERICA As Of Late, in keeping with defense force and veterans information, "at least 20,000 U.S. Troops who weren’t classified as wounded all the way through combat in Iraq and Afghanistan have…


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