I work on the web

I work on the web
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This is me… I work on the web

Ten years ago I struggled after a lifetime loss. I sold home. I bought my first computer. And then I moved in online.

You may have chatted me once upon a time if you called yourself grape popsicle or wolfe or amber, my twin. I wrote html fashioned dresses whose code would often break as I slipped into the room and scooted into my favorite booth… opposite the door. It made us laugh alot, me and my cyber friends.

I was happy living here online… 99% of the time…

We role-played in a tattooed and pierced room that turned into a medieval tower overnight and later morphed into a country bar complete with bartender. Our community, even then, was ever changing. Relationships were made… some strange and some endearing. I traveled virtually every night to Singapore and visited Baltimore with chat friends for the time of my life in reality.

Within a year the most special relationship developed. He moved from across the country and we have been together in work and play and life and love ever since.

My day job is all about building relationships too now. I work on the web so that customers and team members may have a valuable personal experience with our services. I train and encourage and support them all to play on the web as they work so that they may know and understand each other and our community better.

It doesn’t stop when I come home. There is no quitting time. Work on the web becomes play again as I explore and teach myself more. The html skills once used to design pretty dresses lay the foundation for new communities to build. I experiment with all sorts of social networking in order to not grow too old.

As the family matriarch and company employee with the most longevity it is my responsibility to show everyone else how important it is to be play and be happy as they work on the web.

Oh… and I am happy 100% of the time now… for really.


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